Monday, June 28, 2010

Twilight for mommy

Dear Mikayla Rose,

This week something very important is happening. Mommy is going to see Eclipse on opening day. She already has tickets and since she loves the book she can't wait to see the movie.

Yes it may be a little silly to you and yes she may be a little old for the Twighlight books and movies, but she really likes them! She loved the books so much that she actually read them all in two weeks. She is also very excited for a girls night which she hasn't had since you were born.

So here's the thing. The movie isn't until 8pm and mommy usually goes to bed pretty early so this is going to be a stretch. Do you think maybe you could
sleep through the night tonight and tomorrow so she can store up her energy to watch the movie? She would really like to see it while awake and alert instead of groggy and grouchy. And as much as she LOVES to see your sweet face at all hours it would help to have a few more hours of deep sleep.

Thanks so much for understanding Mikayla. Your mommy knows this whole sleeping through the night thing isn't always possible and she appreciates any effort you can make. She should probably stop typing now and go to sleep incase you do decide to wake up sometime soon.

I Love YOU! Love Mommy

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A New Father

Whenever I thought about my future husband one of the first things that came to mind... would he be a good father? I remember looking at boys thinking... would we make cute children? How would he be as a daddy? Maybe it's just something that's wired in girls to think.

From the beginning of our relationship I knew Dhrumil would make an amazing daddy... I also thought we would probably make cute kids. ;-) Watching Dhrumil these past three months has been so much fun. He has taken the role as a new father incredibly well and it feels like he has always been one. He knows how to comfort Mikayla when she is crying, how to make her laugh, how to change her poopy diapers and how to talk to her in a way that has her cooing up a storm.

What a blessing to have such an amazing man in our life!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Table

Here's the story...

For the past few weeks Dhrumil has made it his mission to search for a patio set for our backyard. He has been on the computer looking at all the deals he can find and he's even gone to a few stores to scope out the goods. Saturday night he found a table he thought I would like at Lowes and since they do not do free shipping he thought we could take a field trip 40 minutes away to a Lowes.

Sunday morning came and Dhrumil found out that Lowes was open at 7am! How exciting for parents who now wake up around 6:30am EVERY day. He thought if we drove to Lowes at 8am we could make it back in an hour or so and make it to church. So we jumped in the car, found Lowes, decided on a table and though it seemed a bit large we decided it would fit on the roof of our car.

** Quick HISTORY of the roof ** Dhrumil has become a pro at strapping things onto the roof of our car. In order... futon, BIG comfy chair from Ikea, mattress, christmas trees, 5 drawer dresser (all the way from Indiana!!!) **

Because of our history with the roof of the car we thought a flat box would be nothing. WE WERE WRONG. Things that went wrong...

1. Dhrumil realized he didnt have his nifty straps and only had rope and so as he weaved the rope in and out of the car and over the box I sat in the car with Mikayla and nursed her, burped her and changed her poopy diaper... fun times

2. After applying the rope I thought it would be nice to stop at Home Depot and grab the chairs we wanted since we were driving past... BAD idea... the chairs didn't fit in the car so Dhrumil had to return them 5 minutes later... I was again in the car and at this point Mikayla was crying

3. On the highway we heard a big bang, got off and went to a gas station... the front of the box popped open, Dhrumil bought a role of duck tape and proceeded to tape up the box with the WHOLE role... meanwhile Mikayla was crying harder

4. We got back on the highway and after about a mile a truck drove by us honking and yelling while pointing. Looking in the mirror I noticed the box moving back and forth... we got off again at the mall where I then went to eat Chinese food with a happy Mikayla and Dhrumil went in search of something to secure the box on the roof. He found it and while securing the box I ate Hagendas Ice Cream with a happy Mikayla.

5. We all got back into the car with a now secure box on the roof and for the drive home we had unhappy Mikayla with an icky diaper.

Moral of the story? We need an SUV

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Baby

First day done, second day in progress. Yesterday was tough, but I got through it and felt proud. I think all the thoughts and prayers from friends really helped and I felt God’s presence guiding me. Today is tougher and I am waiting for 5pm to get here. Yesterday I felt like I saw Mikayla for a total of 2 minutes though in reality it was more like 4 hours. Since Mikayla isn’t used to taking a bottle all day long she woke up throughout the night wanting to eat and though I cherish the time with her I was exhausted when it came time to get ready for work.

One moment this morning made me think she might be feeling a tiny bit of what I am feeling. She uncharacteristically woke up crying at 6am. It wasn’t time for her to eat so Dhrumil went in and tried to soothe her back to sleep… she kept crying. He brought her into our room after a few more failed attempts to soothe her he handed her to me. Before seeing if she was hungry I decided to rock back and forth and hum a little. After a few seconds she quieted down and within a few minutes was dead asleep. I put her down beside me on our bed and with a start her eyes flew open, she looked at me and gave me the biggest smile before falling back asleep. She proceeded to sleep another hour and I just stared at the sweet smiles she had while sleeping.

Ever since that moment this morning the same thing has continued to play in my mind… “I need my baby and my baby needs me” Right now I feel like I’m missing her moments and will never get them back.