Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Movies

As I was getting ready to go see a movie with a friend last night I noticed my movie anxiety start to kick in. What is movie anxiety you ask? You mean you haven't heard of it before?

  movie anxiety - all of the below attack your brain simultaneously     before you leave to see a movie
  1.   You can't be late - if you are late you will 
    1. miss the previews... of course you could watch said previews on the computer, but still
    2. risk the movie being sold out... um that almost never happens, but still
    3. not have enough time to buy snacks... the added calories are not needed, but still
  2.  You must get a good seat - if you get a bad one the whole movie experience might as well have never happened... of course all the theaters here are stadium seating so there really isn't a bad seat, but still
  3. You must get snacks - if you don't have snacks you will not enjoy the movie and you need to make sure to stop at the dollar store to grab some and make sure you have water but not too much water or you will have to pee in the middle of the movie therefore making the whole movie super uncomfortable or making you miss a plot change
  4. You must hope and pray you do not sit near a chatty cathy/chad or the snoring elderly  
I have dealt with this forever and EVERY time it hits me I think... WHAT THE HECK ELISABETH!? What is the worst thing that can happen!? You miss the movie... BIG DEAL!? 

And as I was yelling that very thing to myself last night while preparing to leave I started thinking... what if my friend KNEW what was going on in my head!?  She may think I was a bit looney and heaven forbid, may even catch a glimpse of my imperfect self. She may think "why can't ElisaBeth just be a "normal" movie-goer and not care if some dude sitting next to her sings along to the movie soundtrack as we watch? She needs to not get a tension headache preparing to pick her candy of choice, and needs to just get it together." 

Then it hit me... gasp... guess what!? People are imperfect all around me... it is time to embrace that I can be too. My friends can and will see me for who I am ... broken... and with funny strange quirks such as movie anxiety. I too, will see them for who they are, and love them all the same. Your true friends will stick with you no matter your quirks, and though eye rolling may occur at times, will love you for who you are.

I have been blessed to have so many amazing friends over my lifetime. I feel they have had essential roles in shaping who I am today. I find that in this season of life I have come to treasure my true friends more than ever. Possibly because I am now older and wiser, maybe because being with them is a breath of fresh air in the chaos of cute little ones, but also because I am able to see them for who they are... amazingly gorgeous and flawed... and I'm ok with that. I am too!!! 
Thank you God for placing friends in my life and for showing me your grace and love, so that I may try, though fail and fail again (which is the point), to extend the same to my friends. 

And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near.  Hebrews 10:24-25 

Who wants to go to the movies? I promise you will have the best seat in the house and be provided with ample snacks!