Monday, September 13, 2010

A Tale of Two Thumbs

The Thumbs

And so the story goes. Dhrumil likes vegetables… after all he is a vegetarian. He has wanted a device that would aid him in creating vegetables of the same size for a plethora of recipes. So, on his last Target run he picked up a mandolin. First thing he said to me when I came home from work “I bought a vegetable slicer and I’m so excited!” My reply? “Don’t cut yourself!” For as all good Food Network watchers know… mandolins can be deadly. 

The next day Dhrumil wanted a sandwhich and was excited by the prospects of having the same size veggies to build his masterpiece. While he started to use the mandolin I thought to myself (actually I thought I said this out loud, but I was very tired and speaking was too much of an effort at that point) DON’T CUT YOURSELF! Well what do you know, one minute later Dhrumil was holding his thumb over the sink, blood was pouring out and after putting the baby down I helped him wrap his wound. 

Fast forward to the next morning. Behold Dhrumil sitting at the table, mandolin in hand, vegetables in the other. He was working on a pasta salad for the six month birthday picnic we were going to have for Mikayla later that day. I thought it was both stupid and gutsy to once again battle the mandolin and of course I said (this time out loud… I think) Don’t cut yourself. Well I popped my head in to check on the baby as she slept and after turning back around I noticed Dhrumil once again with his finger over that sink. This time it was the other thumb. This time it did not stop bleeding and this time we made a nice trip to the ER. Dhrumil in pj pants and paper towel covering his wound, me unshowered and a happy baby in the backseat. Dhrumil got “second skin” placed on his severed thumb and a new band aide on his other thumb, the mandolin got sent to the garbage, and I got button up duty on Dhrumil’s shirts for the rest of the week.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Halfway there

My little baby is six months old! I can't believe I'm saying that. Just today I was sorting through her clothes and sadly putting away the ones she can no longer fit (secretly hoping a little sister will someday where them again) and taking out the outfits I used to think were huge.

Current stats:
Height: 26 1/4 inches... 50-75%
Weight: 15.5 pounds... 25-50%
Conclusion? She is almost too long for 6 month onesie pjs with feet, but she doesn't have enough rolls to totally fill them out.

What does Mikayla like to do in her free time?
- Roll from one side of the room to the other
- Eat squash
- Eat rice cereal
- Talk about life (gooo gaaa baaa maa daaa)
- Hang out with Gram Gram during the day
- Have a HUGE smile for mommy when she comes home from work
- Laugh at the dog
- Pull her socks off
- Laugh at daddy
- Stare
- Laugh at mommy
- Be moody
- Laugh at... who knows what she's laughing at
- Play in her pack and play by herself
- Sleep through the night (um yeah well maybe for a few weeks and then not and then yes, but wait maybe not.... ever changing!)
- Want to play with anything that isn't a toy
- Pull dishes and different items off the table while mommy and daddy try to eat (ketchup, place mats)
- So much more!!!!

Mikayla Meets Sweet Potatoes