Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Pool and the Little Girl

Memorial day was a long day of outside fun for Mikayla Rose. So much fun that by the time our cook out started she was done for the day. After eating with Mikayla yelling, ok screaming, through most of it I decided it wouldn't hurt to let her wade around in the pool. I turned my eyes for a SECOND and the next thing I know Mikayla is sitting in the pool with her pretty dress floating up like a balloon.  At this point all I could do was laugh and yell to my friend to start taking pictures. Mikayla's dress was so soaked that I decided the best course of action was to remove it. After allowing her to take one more walk around the pool it was into daddy's arms and off to bed almost an hour early. And boy did she sleep solidly that night!
Um this feels weird with my dress

This needs to come off

I liked my dress in the water!!!

Ok I guess this is ok

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Loves of the Week

These past few days Mikayla must be on a break from teething because she has been in the happiest of moods. :) Or, as my mom likes to remind me, she is a person and has moods just like us. Whatever it is... having a happy girl makes for a happy mommy which makes for a happy daddy and then equals a happy family! Of course we still love an unhappy little girl, but life is easier when she is really loving life.

It is hard to believe Mikayla is 14 months old and I am continuously reminded of how fast time really does fly. Some days I feel like I have a little girlfriend to hang out with, someone who you can sit with at the mall food court sharing Chinese noodles and not feel weird, cause you are really not alone! Other days I feel like I have the grumpiest toddler who likes to scream in public and when overtired continuously yells "BUBBLES" and when they don't magically appear within seconds, melts into a pool of tears.

Weeks like these... when everything Mikayla does is absolutely adorable, when I have an unending sense of energy, when she keeps me laughing all day from something she does or says, when she leans over to hug me while pushing her in the grocery cart, when she toddles over to me with a proud grin and yells "MUMEEE" or when she shares my ice cream so I don't feel like I'm eating it all alone... it helps me continue on in this thing called parenthood and gives me the confidence I need to face another week. It helps me know I can do this and maybe I am doing a few things right after all.

A few of Mikayla's loves of the week. And believe me... they change or evolve EVERY week! :) One I left out is BUBBLES. This is Mikayla's favorite word right now and she loves watching me blow bubbles. She woke up the other morning and as if she remembered her world of bubbles yelled it with a big smile on her face... to which I laughed... to which she acted offended as if I should also understand the sun rises and sets for bubbles.

Rides in the wagon with her friends

Throwing her friends out of the wagon

And the cow is gone

Nemo Fish or "ishhhhh"

Enamored with her bathing suit

Doing her hair (do you see the black hair tie)

Putting bows in her hair

Sitting with friends (they had to be in that order!)

Reading to friends

Her FAVORITE book we read at least 4 times a day

Reading in her new lawn chair

She LOVES this chair