Monday, November 23, 2009

Baby Shower - Indian Style :)

Last night Dhrumil and I were thrown a baby shower by his family. We were able to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our daughter with Dhrumil's family and friends and participate in a small ceremony. There was great company, food and decorations. I think last night I was really hit with the thought that I will be making the step into motherhood shortly. It was great to have mothers at the shower who gave me advice and things to think about. I've been reading about other cultures and how they look at a baby coming into the world and was taken by how much they celebrate the woman who is becoming the mother. I don't think we do that enough in America. This is such a huge HUGE step for a woman and celebrating her and supporting her is really important. After giving birth I will be in the "mothers" club and will have taken that important step in life. What a crazy thought! :)
I must say my outfit was very comfy and I almost didn't look preggo... a glimpse into the past. :) I am even more excited for our little girl to get here, but will take the next few months to continue to prepare for her!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mini Babymoon #2 - Cirque Du Soleil

I think I mentioned this earlier, but when Dhrumil figured out because of the timing and vacations and so on that we wouldn't be able to take a real vacation anywhere he started to frantically purchasing tickets to different shows. One of the shows was WINTUK by Cirque Du Soleil. He picked this show because he studied the business practices of the Cirque Du Soleil in one of his MBA classes and really wanted to check them out. Good choice because the show was pretty cool... circus with class I'd call it. :)

We took the train down and on the walk to the garden we stopped at different stores with "maternity sections" to look for a coat.

**DISCLAIMER: Ok so I have an issue with this... NONE of these stores had a suitable maternity section. It was like someone who was creating the kids/baby sections was like "wait women do have to birth these babies maybe we should throw in a few clothes for them and their changing bodies" anyways I wasn't very successful finding a winter coat basically because there weren't any to choose from**

So back to our walk... I had to have roasted peanuts and then as we were waiting to cross the street to the garden a random older man who looked a little worse for wear gave us a HUGE grin and said "CONGRATULATIONS!" um ok so here is where Dhrumil and I differ... I kinda looked at him surprised and then "oh my scary man" Dhrumil said thanks and thought that it was so kind and I could have been nicer. Maybe I'm jaded by this world and take something kind into something a little strange, but needless to say that's NYC for you.

Once inside Dhrumil "had to get" the snow cone you can see him slurping. :) The show was really cool. It was interesting how they interpreted a story, a singing woman, dancing lamp posts with tricks like a girl with many rings, trampoline acts, balancing on tubes and acrobatics. Pretty amazing and I couldn't help but think, are you born thinking "hey let me take a bouncy ball and see if I can do flips" and that's how you get into this business or you have a parents who is thinking "my child is going to fit into a box and contort into strange shapes so I'm going to train her from age 5" Anyways... yes I had fun and no I wasn't thinking that the whole time. :)

After the show we stopped by a few more stores and then headed to my favorite Korean restaurant that I used to eat at all the time when I worked in the city. SO good! :) We both had a great time together enjoying the city and each other. :) We can't wait to do these things with our daughter, but are cherishing the few quiet months we have left alone.

Monday, November 9, 2009


This post is a little late, but YES it's a girl. I thought the baby was a boy the whole time... so I had a really big shock finding out it was a girl. About 10 minutes after we found out I was like... wow Dhrumil you will get to see how a girl evolves! :)

It went down like this... I was just getting over my bout of sickness, it was 8am and I was still a little out of it when we went to the Drs. We wanted the ultrasound woman to write down what the baby was on a card so we could find out together alone. We had this whole plan... go to the bookstore where we first hung out, I would open the card, take pictures of our reaction and then we'd go for lunch at the place we ate at right before we got engaged. Sweet and cheesy right? Well the ultrasound lady wouldn't have it. Granted I could have stuck up for our idea a little more, but as I said I was out of it. When we told her our idea she had a fit saying in 34 years she was never asked to write it down, asked us if we got the idea from a different country (again if I was in my right mind I would have found that offensive) and also said we wouldn't believe it if it was written on a card and we didn't see it on the screen (um who can even tell what the baby's parts are on that fuzzy screen anyways?!) So needless to say in order to avoid our experience being tainted even more we just said fine. I am sad that we have the sort of story, but when we found out the moment was beautiful and we both shed a tear. :)

I love how we're all looking down in this picture... including Willougby. :)