Saturday, July 31, 2010

On My Mind

I want to know if all women who become mothers also become big saps or is it just me!? First of all having Mikayla seems like yesterday. I keep replaying the amazing experience I had giving birth over and over again in my mind. I keep thinking… I can’t believe I did that, I can’t believe she came from me, that was the most incredible experience of my life, I’ve never felt so close to Dhrumil, I’ve never seen my body work that way and so on… Will it ever get old!? Will the experience ever fade away!? Granted she has only been here for 5 months, but most of the time I feel like it has been so much longer. Maybe I will be done processing what happened in 9 months. It took her 9 months to get here, 9 months to get mentally prepared to be a mother, 9 months to be ready to give birth naturally. The actual birth was pretty fast though… 9 months to create her, but only 12 hours for her to come into the world and then BOOM parents. 

Last night I was watching the video of when she was first born… crying. Today I was reading my birth experience…crying. Her first smile…sniff. Her first laugh…sniff sniff. The moment we shared last week when I came home… she smiled and cooed and looked at me with SUCH love… bring on the water works. Sigh. I guess that’s what I have to look forward to… finding joy in each new milestone… joy that makes me cry… joy that makes me proud… joy that makes me who I am. Thank you Mikayla Rose for giving me the experience of being your mommy! Where are the tissues?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Shrek Baby

It's strange... ever since Dhrumil and I have had Mikayla it feels like a whole new world has opened up. We notice the hundreds of babies in our town, we discuss the strollers we pass, Dhrumil points out a rain cover he would like for our stroller, I immediately go to the baby section in Target and search for items that we "need" for Mikayla. Our once somewhat orderly lives have been rocked and our minds have now expanded to add a baby only section. This morning Dhrumil remarked that now that we have a cleaning lady it seems like our house is even messier than before. I had to explain this isn't the case! Our house is CLEANER but Mikayla's things are just taking over. BTW the cleaning lady is such a treat while I'm working... I now don't have to worry about major cleaning on the weekends and can take that time to spend with Mikayla... such a relief!

Because of our baby brains last weekend while watching Shrek 3 on TV as the last scene came up and showed the little ogre babies sleeping in their crib. Both Dhrumil and I simultaneously cried... "THAT's MIKAYLA" :) No she is not green BUT they had the same sweet sleeping expression. Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture of the sleeping ogres so the picture below will have to do.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Stats Are In

Height: 25 inches (75%) aka... she will be taller than me
Weight: 13 pounds 9 ounces (50%) aka... Mommy's food is working!
Head Circumference: 41 (50%) aka... she will fit hats made for her month

A Duck to Water

My first swim at 4 months

Mikayla's first swim at 4 months

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4 Months Old

Today I had a small anxiety attack... I haven't touched the baby book in about 6 weeks!!! Every time Mikayla does something new I make a mental note to add it to the baby book and sadly the way my brain has been lately I have forgotten to write it all down. I hope when Mikayla is old enough to be interested in her baby self she wont shun me for not writing down the date and time she first stuck her toe in her mouth.

Hopefully she can look back on this blog and get some insight into her cuteness.

Mikayla at 4 months...
- The sweet cooing has turned into loud squeals of delight and displeasure
- She had her foot in her mouth the past two days
- She is MUCH more insistent and likes to vocalize when she wants something
- She holds onto everything... including my hair and earrings
- The whole sleeping thing has become more difficult... the past few week she has been waking up multiple times... not sure what that is all about
- Her laughter is the sweetest sound and on the 4th of July she actually SMILED FOR THE CAMERA! I couldn't believe it

There are so many more things and as I stare at her right now trying to think of them all I know is that I love her so much and can't get enough of kissing her sweet chunky cheeks. Stats to come on Thursday... dreading the shots!

Hope the 4th

Was relaxing for you!