Saturday, January 23, 2010

The "Last" Hurrah!

As I’ve said in previous posts Dhrumil and I have been feeling a push to do things for “the last time whilst childless.” We have done many different activities over the past few months and the last happened this week. (though we are going to go out for a celebratory dinner… so I guess that would be the last thing) Anyways we made our way into the city on Tuesday night to see our favorite band The Swell Season. If you haven’t heard of them you should check them out. They were in a movie called Once and their music is fantastic. It’s hard to define their style but they use acoustic and electric guitars, piano, violin and drums and have a bit of their Irishness thrown in. We got to Radio City to a sold out show and really enjoyed it. I love this band because of their humbleness (they kept saying how blessed they were to be there) and their pure artistic ability. SO TALENTED! Enough of my rambling about them… I believe the baby likes them too because she was moving like crazy during the show.

That night we stayed at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square… so nice to just walk a few blocks in the light of the city and fly up these awesome elevators they have right to our room. Next morning we had breakfast at the hotel which I believe was Dhrumil’s favorite part. They had an all you could eat buffet including omlete station and pancakes/waffles and French toast. You'd think the man died and went to heaven the way his eyes lit up while eating. Actually on a side note Dhrumil's appetite has beeen incredible the past week or so and he keeps blaming it on the baby. :) I'm not even eating that much, but he insists it's sympathy eating.

Back to Wednesday... I wanted to do something super touristy so we decided to go up the Empire State Building . We’ve been trying to do this ever since I worked there and finally 5 years later we made it! Though not the crazy thrill we thought it would be, it was fun being with all the foreigners and viewing the city from a different perspective. After our view from the top headed to our favorite Italian restaurant, Basilica. Unfortunately it was closed for lunch but after we walk a few blocks we found another Italian restaurant that was very crowded (I told dhrumil it had to be good cause it had people in it which he replied we could all be there for the first time) and had an AMAZING lunch. We decided this was our new Italian restaurant… of course we forgot to get the name when we left, but that ‘s ok because its “1 or 2 blocks from Basilica and has a yellow door” I experienced an Italian version egg drop soup for the first time there… has me craving for more right now. Oh forgot to add we hit a fantastic sale at the Gap and wanted to grab a few baby clothes… of course Dhrumil and I differed in taste on what little girl should wear, but being the one who was huge Dhrumil let me pick out the outfits… we did agree on one thing… strawberry pants. Will post of picture of her in them once she is here.

It’s hard to imagine we will no longer be two in less than 2 months… we have moments where we just stare at each other and exclaim… “this is it” hahah of course our lives won’t end… some would say it's just beginning, but I think our relationship is going to take on a whole new meaning. We’re going to be responsible for human life! For molding someone while at the same time continuing to grow together as one unit. Wow oh the challenges ahead, but the blessings that will come from it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Baby Shower!

Last Sunday was my baby shower and I had such a wonderful time. The theme was "Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice. My friends and sister did such a great job and everything from the invitations to the decorations and food was flawless!

It was also great because I had my mom and dad visit for the week as well as having close friends come from NC and another from Philly. A celebration weekend and a weekend where I felt very loved! :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Musings from the Third Trimester

Crazy we have two months to go before the baby arrives!!! At times it puts me in panic mode... "what do I have to do, what do I have to read, how can I prepare" and at other times I use my favorite motto "I won't think about that today, I'll think about it tomorrow" Since being a month into the third trimester I have encountered the following things...

- Bathroom stalls are getting smaller
- Depending on the person… I'm either looking small or big
- I think my child wants to escape through my navel and I can’t help returning to a certain scene in Twilight in the last book (I wont go into detail if some of you have yet to read it)
- Dhrumil’s former boss is my new best friend… his advice to Dhrumil… “say yes to everything in the third trimester, treat her like a queen, don’t ask why when she asks you to do things”
- Dhrumil thinks it’s amusing when I can’t squeeze by in our bathroom while he’s at the sink and how I collapse into the car
- People (aka strangers) are now certain I am preggers and they have begun asking how the baby is and when she is due and so on
- My skin has decided it has had enough of being clear… boooo
- Whilst eating a piece of broccoli for a snack one of my traders said “geesh don’t make the kid too healthy”
- Row W in a basketball stadium is a lot farther up than normal
- Sitting in Row W for a basketball game has gotten uncomfortable
- My daughter has hiccups all the time
- Did I mention she wants to escape?
- I have a small fear that the ultrasound woman was wrong and we're going to have a boy... what will I do with all things pink!?
- Today in the elevator a coworker told me that men could never do what women do in having babies "we're wimps and we'd cry"
- Every parking lot we enter Dhrumil STILL wants to know if there is an expectant mothers spot... obviously there never is except at Babysrus... please see above photo
- My line of "I'm like this because I'm pregnant" is getting old on some people... my sister for example and probably my husband :)
- I can NOT for the life of me find a rug for the nursery and it has become my obsession, you can see proof my looking at the lint of my coat from many a rug

30 weeks