Monday, September 19, 2011

18 Months

Dhrumil and I just looked at each other a few days ago and said... "ahh we have a child" I guess even 18 months after the fact we are still in awe that this little person came from us and that we are responsible for her!

Before time fast forwards I wanted to document what Mikayla has been up to lately. It is crazy how much you forget in such a short amount of time. I have a friend with a newborn and when she tells me some of the sweet things she does I’m like… “wait I think Mikayla did that!?”

Mikayla has been changing so much lately that it is a blur when she really started doing certain things. I guess it doesn’t really matter having the exact moment written down. What matters most is that I have experienced those bursts of growth with Mikayla and it has added to my life’s story. All of those little moments have created who Mikayla is now at this very second.

In my mind Mikayla is now official a toddler. She runs like a toddler, she laughs like a toddler and she SCREAMS like a toddler. It is especially fun to have her throw a tantrum in a store, in front of a GIANT line of people waiting to buy baseball tickets and also in a restaurant. We are learning in those times though and for the most part, taking it all in stride.

We have recently been seeing small glimpses

Here are some of the latest...

Reading books
Eating yogurt
Saying “no”
Night Night (her bunny she sleeps with)
Ducks (yes still!)
Giving kisses
Going on walks
Swimming class
Dancing (especially when I ask her to plie)
Looking at pictures of the family
Pointing to things and saying the name

Drawing with chalk
Buckling anything with a buckle
Sitting in her crib for a long time and reading or playing

Newest words:
She comes up with new words everyday… words I didn’t know she knew and also words I do not hear again for weeks. She is brilliant at communicating and for the most part I know what she wants.
One, two, three
Ook (book)
Ish (kiss)
Bye (finally after months of Hi)
Yesh (not as frequent as No, but it is starting to be used correctly)
GeeGee (my mom)
Inton (Uncle Clinton)
Alk (walk)

Giving a kiss to friend Brady

Telling daddy what she wants him to do while playing

Kissing night night

Enjoying a stroll in daddy's shoes

She loves to sit in her crib with a bunch of stuff