Sunday, September 20, 2009

16 Weeks!!

I can't believe I'm at 16 weeks. It feels like this whole baby-making thing is going by really fast and then again really slow. I look at myself in the mirror and can't believe it's my body that is changing! I think so many things when I see my little bump... I'm still a kid, I don't feel old enough, I can't believe I'm at this point in my life, is that really me, wow, so excited, so overwhelmed, I can't believe we're going to have another person living with us in 6 months.

AHHH So many emotions, so many thoughts. I started feeling little flutters, I guess I would say tickles the past week. It's like the baby is saying "HELLO IM REALLY HERE" um sorry little one, but I had an inkling with my energy level at 0. :) Even though I haven't been feeling the best this is such an amazing experience... I can't believe we all got here this way. :) I thank God for each day I can be apart of creating this wonderful blessing.

The New Place!

I am very THANKFUL to announce that we our LOVING our new place. :) Nothing crazy has happened and it seems like this place is a keeper for now. Big sigh of relief. I feel so much better knowing I won't have to put a mosquito net over the baby when he/she gets here. :) We love the neighborhood and I have been enjoying taking Willoughby on walks as well as walking 2 minutes to a wonderful Gelato shop (which I say the baby is asking for by name) Below you can see a few pictures I took of the new place. We still have some hanging of pictures and so on to do, but I'm feeling good about where we are at. Back living room... this room is actually really long and is part of the next picture

Family room and family dogOur bedroomFuture room of baby Shah... now catch all/guest room
Future spot of guest room now basement/nothing :)


Thursday, September 3, 2009

"I didn't think you were fat"

Since I’ve been pregnant I have gotten entertaining/ frightening comments from people (I am sure many more are on the way as I grow) here are a few

- “You’re so little, you’re really going to stretch, ahahahahaha” * my loving college roommate

- “You’re so little” *Ultrasound technician as she weighed me (that scared me more)
- “Enjoy your sleep now, you’re not going to get any for a long time after the baby is here”
- Me “I feel like all I do is pee” My loving friend “just wait”

- “being pregnant is no excuse for a bad attitude” *my mom

- “being pregnant is a great excuse for a bad attitude” *my friend

- “I’m tired of you telling me what to do” *my husband during our move… my response – “just wait until the baby is here” ;-)

- "What fruit are you this week?" (in reference to the size of the baby)

- “Drink milk two times a day” *my mother in law

- “Aren’t you cute” *my nurse in response to a question about labor

- "I tend to faint a lot, will that happen during labor?" me to my Dr. her response ** AMUSED SMILE** (ps no it wont just might happen when i get bigger)

- "My stomach looks like that when I puff it out" *my sister's response to me proudly showing my little bump

- "I thought you were to small to be getting that type of belly" *coworkers response to me telling her I was expecting.