Friday, January 28, 2011


Strange how different teeth can make you look. With teeth I feel like I now see glimpses of myself in Mikayla. 

Four top (one is hiding)

two bottom

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 Months

What defines month 10 of Mikayla? Well what I really need is a picture of her mouth which is now full of teeth!! Hard to believe my sweet toothless baby's 9 month appointment was dominated by her  naive mommy asking the Dr. "I'm concerned she has no teeth" to which the Dr. replied "Um I see three coming in, look the top one you can see" WHOOPS! Yeah my brain and head are definitely separated.

Mikayla now has 6 teeth which are almost all the way in. 4 top in a row and the two bottom middle. So cute, though I do miss her sweet gummy grins. Just another reminder that my sweet baby girl is almost a toddler. SNIFF.

So what else makes Mikayla who she is right now?

- SHE LOOKS LIKE ME SHE LOOKS LIKE ME! Ok so maybe she doesn't care, but I can FINALLY see myself in her. Some of her looks freak me out and I get so excited. :) For a sweet mini D it's nice to now have a little of me. (ok that was not supposed to be a witty ditty)
- Mikayla crawls mad fast
- Mikayla's vocabulary now consists of (and I quote) HI HI HI HI HI hi hi mama HI HI HI HI HI da hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi ba goobadoba HIHIHIHIHIHIHI. The girl won't stop saying HI! So funny for a first word. :)
-She thinks she knows what she is saying when she talks gibberish. Our conversations go as follows... "hi goodabado bama dooo hi hi" "oh really that sounds like a very interesting idea for your birthday party"
- She is pulling herself up on everything
- She once again points at everything, waves when she wants too, loves reading books and saying... yup you guessed it, "hi" to them
- Her personality is coming out more and more... she is IMPATIENT!
- In new places she takes it all in... quietly watching and listening and then she starts to explore and talk
- She cracks herself up
- She melts mommy's heart with her hugs and kisses and HI!
- She hangs onto my leg as I try to do things
- She sleeps throughout the night... oh wait... only when she isn't sick which is never now a days
- She LOVES to eat and puffs are a lifesaver! The great silencer I call them. :)
- She likes to hand things to me now and also enjoys putting toys in bags or baskets
- She makes up games for herself
- She could spend minutes on end going up and down our one stair (with close supervision of course!)
- Oh... and Dhrumil taught her touchdown. SIGH

Preparing for one of the many snow storms

A New Look

So I've been really behind on posting. Christmas flew by and ever since we returned from Indiana we have been facing sickness after sickness. Mikayla is just getting over her worst "cold" to date. Poor girl still has a horrible cough. Dhrumil and I agreed that last week was the hardest as parents to date. Mikayla cried almost all day when she wasn't sleeping.... and she would only sleep on us. She had a 103 temperature and had many trips to the Dr. Needless to say we are so glad we are coming out of that, though now both Dhrumil and I are sick. Oh well... better us than her! :) I'll leave this post with the story of the past four weeks...

Blizzards '11