Monday, June 25, 2012

15 Weeks

I am a little frustrated with myself that this is my first post fully dedicated to baby #2, but I guess this is just how it is when you already have a child... you have no time! 

I heard each pregnancy is different, but I guess I didn’t truly believe it until I lived it for myself. Being 15 weeks pregnant I can tell you with all sincerity… it is as different as chocolate and vanilla!! Well… perhaps it’s my outlook that has somehow change as well. Here is what I have noticed so far…

#1… you naturally focus intensely on every change your body is going through. You feel every bit of exhaustion, you notice every change your body goes through.

#2… you focus intensely on the needs of your first and the second seems somewhat of an afterthought. I have to make it a point to stop and think about this new little one… to pray for him or her. If I didn’t do that… I would probably not think much about the baby when going through my day-to-day routine. I’m sure that will change once I start to feel the baby move and once I get larger.

#1… I was just waiting to get the stomach… excited that I would look expecting. It felt like it took FOREVER until I had a little bump.

#2… well, let’s be honest, after Mikayla the fat that used to lie certain places, made its way to my belly… and never really went back to the way it was. And so it felt like by 6 weeks I was showing. Oh well… I will embrace the maternity pants as one of my friends told me to do!

Morning sickness:
#1… I was super sick with Mikayla for the first three months. I never threw up, but I was nauseous all the time and was always gnawing on saltines or anything with ginger in it.

#2… I have probably had a handful of “moments” where I have felt slightly sick. I had one day where I just wasn’t right… I stayed home from work and ate potato chips. But seriously… this is AMAZING compared to last time.

#1… I was so exhausted I was going to bed at 7pm. I also missed many days of work because I couldn’t drab myself out of bed.

#2… Either I am just used to exhaustion because Mikayla didn’t sleep through the night (and still has some trouble sometimes) for 15 months, or perhaps I’m just used to managing it better… but I feel super alive compared to last time!!

#1… well the first three months last time were CRAZY! I was nasty woman. I also didn’t care what people thought of anything and would be brutally honest to people.

#2… I feel I am a bit more even keeled (although Dhrumil may not completely agree) At least I am not biting people’s heads off! Maybe it comes with my increased patience from already being a mommy?

Little things:
#1… I had gorgeous hair and gorgeous skin – I had also read four books by this point and had about fifteen lists on what needed to be done in our lives before baby

#2… total opposite this time with the hair and skin… not a fan – Also have not read ANY books and haven’t written one list.

Oh one thing that has come up recently with this one is a horrible back ache... not sure whats going to happen when I get larger. 

Bottom line… I’m ready for another pregnancy because this one is so easy! HA who am I kidding? The next one will be completely different and I will probably be yelling at myself when reading back on this post if we are blessed with a third.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Change is in the Air

Change... not something I always embrace. Change can be tough, it can be bumpy and it can carry many unknowns. But if I had never been open to change, I wouldn't be where I am today...

And so with those words Dhrumil and I are about to embark on the biggest change in our married life so far. It is funny how things tend to all come in large packages... instead of learning to swim in the shallow end of the pool we thought... what the heck, let's just jump into the deep end.

It really has been amazing to see God working in all parts of our life and it seems as though He is orchestrating a beautiful symphony.

So here is what we have going on...

Baby #2 is making his or her appearance around December 15!

Almost 13 weeks in this picture

I am going to become a stay at home mom is 4 weeks!!!! So much I can say on this subject... and I will in the weeks to come.
Mikayla's first haircut this weekend

AND we're moving to Pennsylvania and will finally be buying a house after 5 years of renting!!

We will be passing MANY of these!!
More information on all subjects to come. But as you can see... yup it's a lot. BUT we are ready!!!!