Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Vegetables. Not sure what it is about them that has most kids running for cover.

Growing up I never had that big of an issue with vegetables and wasn't bribed into eating them. I enjoyed corn and carrots. Brussel sprouts were served regularly along with broccoli and green beans.

I love vegetables… my husband is a vegetarian… my child will love them too.

I remember scoffing while watching a spot on a TV morning show about a woman who wrote a cookbook for moms. The recipes hid the vegetables so children would eat them… “HA” I said to myself “it is all in the way you raise your child, mine will NEVER need something like that.”

Cue the Chef Boyardie commercial where the mother destroys a whole can display to keep the word vegetables from being heard by her child. “Who would do such a thing?” I thought to myself… I was more distinguished than those who ate hidden veggie Chef Boyardie. My children would eat vegetable casseroles, enjoy things like kale and leeks and not even blink while downing carrot ginger soup garnished with arugula.

Then I had my own child.

The organic pureed vegetables were first. Though she made faces at the beginning, Mikayla grew to enjoy them, especially sweet potatoes and peas. Being a working mom it was easier to give her the jars and not puree my own, but eventually I started to give her fresh veggies. This should have been the first sign… she was not a fan.

Then she became a toddler…

For some reason Mikayla does not like to try to new foods. Thinking back on her short life I cannot remember a moment where this behavior manifested itself. Perhaps with her birthday cupcake? Now with the wonderful “no” and the ability to throw her food, Mikayla has made it known that the only vegetable of choice is “PEA.” Ironically Peas are somewhat of a triumph for me since I left them on her plate for a week until she ate them. I have tried this strategy again, but with sad results.

So where am I now? Well Mikayla has an amazing appetite, but it consists of peas, fish sticks, chicken, brown rice, yogurt, applesauce and fruit.

Then there was yesterday… where Mikayla met steamed broccoli in a dance I call… the “mmmmmm” dance.

She eyed the broccoli as something mommy was making for her to play with. “MIMI” she called… did I dare? Fine, might as well. I brought the small tree of broccoli over and held my breath… one bite, just try ONE bite. “MMM” I said… she tasted a piece “mmm” she replied with a coy smile. No this couldn’t be true. “MORE” I gasped… and quietly, with a smile pasted on my face and the thought that THIS might be the vegetable of salvation… “MMM” I said… she ATE IT “mmm” she replied again. Feeling the joy of victory flood my body and spontaneously taking a moment to do the "I am an amazing mother" dance I glanced back at Mikayla in time to see her spit out the tree and made a noise close to “ickyyuckblah!”

Guess I need to find one of those cookbooks.