Friday, December 30, 2016

It's Different With Three

I won't lie... when we were thinking about having three kids I googled "life with three kids" and "three kids is it hard?" and other absurd combinations I could think of. My research didn't glean much. And how could it? One kid for one family compared to five kids for another could be comparable in degrees of difficulty based on personalities and whatnot.

While pregnant I spoke with friends of three kids and with smiles that almost seemed to conceal something they didn't want to say, they replied "oh yeah it's good." I knew they HAD to be hiding something, but since my current state assumed three kids were inevitable they decided not to scare me right then and there.

We have had three kids in our family for three and a half months... here are a few things I've noticed for myself...

- IT IS A CIRCUS AND THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE AROUND ALL THE TIME! And being an introvert that has been an adjustment. ;-)

- 60... that's the number of little nails that continue to grow. For some reason adding 20 nails to the mix has thrown me off my game and I find that someone ALWAYS has nails in need of upkeep. Why does this matter you ask? I'm not really sure... I think it's because I'm a violinist and nice clean extremely short nails are how I've rolled most of my life. And thus if I see a nail trying to get overzealous with dirt or length I take a deep breath... and if possible... run for the closest nail clipper.

- Bathing...  When Mikayla was a baby I would give her two baths a day because she loved them. Nolan once a day and Colin? He's lucky if he gets a few a week. And then there are the older two and constantly trying to remember when they last bathed... I've taken to the "smell" test... if their hair smells funky in they go!

- Clothes... It has been known that Colin will still be in his pjs at the end of the day. And yes... I've taken him out of the house in his pjs. I would have gasped at babies in pjs back in the day... didn't their mother's want to change them? Didn't they know that an infant realizes routine and if not properly dressed for the day and then dressed for the night he will lead a coup against sleeping for months and months? Not to mention all of the adorable outfits... Ah the brain of the first time mom.

- Priorities... my life currently revolves around priorities. Eat breakfast or wash the dishes? Take a shower or make it to school on time? Get dressed or do a puzzle with Nolan?

- Time... is it possible that it goes even faster then before in moments and painfully slower in others?

- Love... It is amazing how love grows and multiplies and there is always enough to go around.