Monday, August 24, 2009

On to the Next Step...

Introducing Baby Shah!

Yup that's right... Dhrumil and I are expecting our first baby in early March. We are both super excited that God has blessed us with this gift and a little nervous of course. I can't believe a baby is living in me except when I get those fun reminders in the form of tiredness, sickness and a stomach slowly enlarging. :) So anyways besides packing up our place and moving in a few days I am ever reminded of the small little person who is there going through everything with us. I had many witty things to say in this post (ex... I was able to take care of a plant, a dog and a husband so I knew a baby would be fine) but I'm so tired I think I'm just going to go to bed. A few pictures before sleep over takes me of "the belly"

The day we found out... I think 5 weeks and a few days. I was frantically trying to figure out the next step... call the parents, look up the dr. number.... ah what to do! :)

Right now... um so when I looked at this picture I thought it made me look a lot bigger than I really am. SO either I'm in denial or I actually have "popped" at 12 weeks... I think it was the angle or the pizza I just ate.

We're Having A...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Too Cute!

Amidst the fun landlord situation that we have to endure for two more weeks I thought something cute and fun would help drive my attention elsewhere. Below are a few pictures of Australia's smallest horse Koda. He is such a cute my little pony and the awesome thing is he was born like this, not breed to be small. Enjoy the cuteness and hopefully it will help drive your mind away for a few minutes from whatever might be bothering you today.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Moving Pros

Moving day is fast approaching ONCE AGAIN and I must say I am SICK of it. *see previous post for the stories of moving* Though I am ready to throw in the towel to all rentals I am ready to say "good riddance" to the abode Dhrumil and I now reside in. I look at this place sadly because less then a year ago Dhrumil and I looked at it with much hope. We thought "maybe this is the place we will stay in for 2 years" ha who were we kidding?

So here we are again... months later and the packing supplies are once again all over the house. If you are moving call on us we can have you packed and moved in a jiffy. :) I HOPE this is the last I will post on awful rentals... so all I have to say is GOODBYE
- landlords who DO NOTHING and charge us WAY too much
- leak
- mold
- mice
- cockroaches (I think)
- furry bugs
- spiders of many shapes and sizes
- deer in the front yard
- skunks under the porch
- birds in the siding
- ants who live in the tree and also my house
- nails in the floor (especially that one I stepped on)
- smell in the shower (dead rat perhaps?)
- non existent water pressure
- wind the howled through our 100 year old windows in the winter even with plastic around them
- holes in the floor boards allowing all bugs to move in
- and of course... 11 months of our life

OH YES I KNOW... it's always greener on the other side BUT the other side has to hold something better than this.