Wednesday, August 24, 2016

The Real Belly

I pray my son and daughter can grow up loving their imperfections and embracing every mark on their bodies. As I stare in the mirror at my ever growing belly, and my war-torn stretch marks that continue to multiply, I have tried to accept that NOW is the time for my body to go through yet another change... and I will fully embrace that change! I know that after I give birth I will have months of waiting until my belly goes down... that's just how my body is... and I will try to embrace that as well! We are all different and unique and comparing just drops us in the crapper. So here's to the next 9 months and seeing what my body can do.

"Mama why does your belly have those marks?"
"Because I have had the blessing of growing three people inside of me and it stretched me out a bit. Some ladies get marks on them and some do not"

"Does it hurt?"
"No it's just uncomfortable"

"Is this baby I'm feeling!?"
"Yes it is"

"Can baby chestnut hear me? LALALALALALALA"
"Um yes he/she can"

"Did you feel that!?"

"I love this baby!"
"And I love you!!!"

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